Finally, a mature and affordable system you can run your business on!

  1. Unbelievable list of advanced features to get your business running efficiently.
  2. Very affordable with the lowest cost-of-ownership of any system on the market.
  3. Flexible purchase and deployment options allowing you to implement the system the way you need to.
  4. Customizable and extendable to fit your unique business needs both now and in the future.

FREE Community Edition Available!

Connected Business ERP Features

All of the core accounting functionality you need.  Take a look at all these features!

  • Segmented Account Structure
  • Prepayments and Accruals
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Bad Debt Write-Offs
  • Multi-Location Accounting
  • Customizable Financial Statements
  • Budgeting
  • As-Of Reporting
  • System Wide Audit Trail
  • Bank Deposits
  • Bank Payments, Receipts and Transfers
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices
  • Back Order Processing
  • Priority Orders
  • Live Inventory Allocations and Reservations of PO's
  • Blind Shipping
  • RMA's and Credit Memos
  • Customer Receipts and Allocations
  • Handles Cash, Check, Credit Cards w/Online Processing
  • Special Pricing, Discounts, and Coupons
  • Loyalty Program, Gift Cards, and Gift Certificates
  • Recurring Orders
  • Customer Statements and Aging Reports
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • PO Merchandise Receiving With Backorders
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Purchase Transactions for both Inventory and Non-Inventory Items
  • A/P Invoices for Overhead Items
  • Drop Ship Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Returns
  • Individual and Batch Vendor Check Printing
  • Automatic Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Generation
  • Recurring Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Aging Reports
  • Leads
  • Prospects with Multiple Contacts and Ship-To Addresses
  • Customers with Multiple Contacts and Ship-To Addresses
  • Convert Lead to Prospect or Customer
  • Convert Prospect to Customer
  • Sales Quotes
  • Master Contact List
  • Activities, Follow-Ups
  • Cases with Assignment
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Marketing Campaigns for Email and Calls
  • Company Calendar
  • System-Wide Emailing to Contacts Including Documents
  • Flexible Item Types
    • Stock Items
    • Non-Stock Items
    • Item Matrixes (Size, Color, Style, Etc.)
    • Service Items
    • Kits (Configurable at Sale)
    • Bundles
    • Assemblies (Manufactured Items, Sub Assemblies)
    • Electronic Downloads
    • Gift Certificates
    • Gift Cards
  • Extensive Matrix Item Support
  • Item Categories, Departments, and Manufacturers
  • Item Attributes for eCommerce Filtering and Comparisons
  • Product Filter Groups for Customer Filters on eCommerce
  • Multiple Warehouses (Locations) and Warehouse Zones
  • Bin Numbers
  • Inventory Transfers and Transactions
  • Physical Inventory Process
  • Extensive Pricing Options (Wholesale, Retail, Price Lists, Customer Specific, Promotions, etc.)
  • Discount Bands
  • Supports Average, Standard, LIFO, an FIFO Costing
  • Valuation Reports
  • Discontinue and Phase Out Items
  • Ship from Orders or Invoices
  • System Lists what can be Picked and Packed
  • Interfaces Directly with UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Certified Labels
  • Get Shipping Rate Quotes
  • Interfaces with Scale
  • Store Commonly Used Box Dimensions
  • Tracks What is Shipped in each Box
  • Can Batch Print Labels
  • Very Configurable Automation to Fit Your Processes
  • Tracking Numbers Automatically Written back to Transactions
  • Manual Rate Tables for Special Carriers
  • Multi-Company and Multi-Location in Each Company
  • Built-In Company Implementation Checklist
  • System Wide Audit Trail with Change Tracking
  • Customizable Plug-In Architecture
  • Extensive Role Based Security (Down to Individual Fields)
  • User Accounts with Teams, Roles, and Product Rights
  • Data Dictionary to Edit Labels, Add Fields, Etc.
  • Search Manager to Add or Modify System Searches
  • Email Service to Handle Sending System Emails and Campaigns
  • System Wide Email Handling with Notifications
  • Report Manager to Add or Modify Reports
  • Business Intelligence for Pivot Tables, Graphs, and Charts
  • Customizable Dashboards

Benefits of Connected Business eCommerce

  • Real-Time Inventory Accuracy
  • Higher eCommerce Adoption
  • Increased Sales
  • Greater Cross Sales
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Customer Service

Fully Integrated eCommerce and Content Management System Features

  • CMS System to Build your Static Pages, Not Just Your Web Store
  • Fully Integrated - NO Synchronization or 3rd Parties
  • All Special Pricing and Discounts Work in eCommerce
  • Optionally View In-Stock and PO Arrival Dates in eCommerce
  • Item Attributes Drive Live Filters and Multi-Item Comparisons
  • View Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Items
  • Item Rating with Optional Reviews
  • Using POS? Order Online and Set Up for In Store Pickup
  • Multiple Locations are Handled and Displayed in eCommerce
  • Run Multiple Websites Off One Company Database
  • Uses Bootstrap Framework for Mobile Ready Presentation
  • Multiple Logins Per Customer - Great for B2B or B2C
  • Address Verification Available
  • Live Chat for Customer Support and Additional Sales
  • Put Items in the Cart On Behalf of Your Customer
  • Credit Card Gateway for Live Approvals
  • Full Shipment Tracking Integration
  • Customers Can View Their Orders and Invoices Online
  • Customers Can Pay Invoices Online Even if not from Web Store
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty Program Work Online
  • Case Management System Built In
  • SEO Friendly Including Friendly Product Links
  • Website Management Pages Allow Site, Category, and Item Editing
  • Fully Functional Blog
  • News and Polls for Presenting and Collecting Information
  • Topics Allow you to Display anything from Snippets to Pages
  • Drag and Drop Designer for Page Templates, Topics, and Item Descriptions
  • Connectors to Amazon, Magento, and Other Websites Available!

Benefits of Connected Business POS Features

  • Real-Time Inventory Accuracy
  • Choice of POS Hardware, PC, or iPad
  • Use Anywhere or Anytime for Quotes and Sales
  • Improve Customer Service
  • No Tedious Synchronization
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

Fully Integrated Point of Sale (POS)

  • Runs in a Web Browser so you can Run it Anywhere
  • Fully Integrated - NO Synchronization or 3rd Parties
  • Your Complete Inventory is Available
  • All Special Pricing and Discounts Work on POS
  • You Can Sell Inventory Negative if Needed
  • Using eCommerce? Order Online and Set Up for In Store Pickup with Pick List and Notification
  • Item Images are Displayed
  • Use Bar Code Scanner to Ring Up Items
  • Supports Credit Card Swipes
  • Print to a Receipt Printer
  • You Can Email Receipts to Customer
  • Accept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards
  • Customer Can also Pay with Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, or Loyalty Points
  • Customer and Inventory Data can be Edited from POS
  • Sales Orders and Quotes can be Entered from POS
  • Great for Trade Shows or In-Field Customer Service Reps
  • iPad Version Available
  • Second Display Available for Customer Facing Screen
  • Cash Drawer Close-Out
  • Many Reports Available on the POS Screen

Benefits of Connected Business Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Real-Time Inventory Accuracy
  • Less Human Error
  • Save Time by Simplifying Processs
  • Improve Efficiencies by Entering Data One Time

Fully Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) Features

  • Runs on IOS Devices such as iPods and iPhones
  • Fully Integrated - NO Synchronization or 3rd Parties
  • Works with Blue-Tooth Bar Code Scanners
  • Pick Inventory for Shipping
  • Pack Items into Boxes for Shipping
  • Process Shipments and Print Shipping Labels
  • Receive Stock into Inventory
  • Manage Stock Bin Locations
  • Process Stock Adjustments
  • Transfer Stock Between Locations
  • Counting Physical Inventory
  • Run Multiple Devices in your Warehouse

Benefits of Connected Business Customizations

  • Higher Effeciency - Tailor the System to Fit You Perfectly
  • Track and Report on Items Important To Your Business
  • Integrate with 3rd Parties to Grow Your Business
  • Finally Get Exactly What you Need from a System!

Connected Business is Customizable and Extensible

  • The Entire System is Built using a Plug-In Framework
  • We can Replace Exising Plug-Ins as well as Develop New Plug-Ins
  • We have Built Everything from Simple Modifications to Entire Custom Modules using the Plug-In SDK and Framework
  • Access to Exising and Customized Functionality can be Controlled with User Roles
  • The Data Dictionary Allows us to Quicky and Easily Add Custom Fields, Change Labels, Etc.
  • A RESTful Web Service Layer is Provided for External Acess and Development using JSON
  • Existing Reports can be Modified and New Reports Developed and Placed in the Report Center
  • Build Your Own Pivot Tables, Charts, and Graphs Using the Business Intelligence Designer
  • Find Forms can be Enhanced throughout the System using your Custom Fields
  • Plug-Ins can be Scheduled and Run Automatically using the Job Manager
  • Customizations can be Carried Forward During Upgrades
  • The eCommerce Site is Highly Customizable in Both Functionality and Graphics Design (Skinning)
  • System Source Code is Available

What Does "Fully-Integrated" Really Mean?

Create a new item... It's immediately available in eCommerce and POS!

Change an item's price... It's already updated in eCommerce and POS!

Customer places an order in eCommerce... It also exists in accounting!

Ship an order... The tracking info is already in the eCommerce site!

Sell an item in POS... It's stock status is already updated in eCommerce and accounting!

No waiting for synchronization... No 3rd party connectors...


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