Plugins and Customizations

DimeSoft has been developing plugins and customizations for Connected Business (formally known as Interprise Suite) since 2007 for companies just like yours!  We have the knowledge and experience to tailor Connected Business to fit your needs.

Over the years we have built dozens of plugins.  Most of them have been very specific to our clients needs, some are proprietary in nature, some have been incorporated into the CB core product, and some could be used by many organizations.  Most development projects are minor modifications while others are entire add-on modules.

Plugins and Customizations

To give you an idea of the work that we do, here is a partial list of our plug-ins and customizations.

  • WarehouseOS WMS Connector - This connector includes a set of components that integrates the excellent warehouse management system 'WarehouseOS' with Connected Business.  Items can be recieved, put away, picked, shipments verified, stock levels adjusted, etc., all using iPads with bar code scanners.  Information flows back and forth with Connected Business and both systems are kept in synch.  Plugins are included for CB where you can view the scan history for various transactions.
  • DS Amazon Connector - This plugin uses the Amazon web services to import FBA orders into Connected Business.  Sales orders are generated, payments applied, and the invoices are generated and posted.  A complete log is displayed visually while the processing occurs.  Working with Amazon FBA is now simple!
  • Report Auto-Printer - This plugin and Windows service provides functionality to automatically print various reports to designated printers on your local LAN.  This can be used along with the WarehouseOS connector to autoprint shipping documents, invoices, etc.
  • Data Explorer - Provides a simple analysis tool displaying data in a pivot table with drag and drop functionality.  Allows sharing of "Analysis Packages" including SQL query and pivot table layout with other installs.  Allows export to Excel for graphing and reporting.  (Connected Business has Business Intelligence internally but this is still a good tool for many.)
  • Report Utilities - Provides the ability to deploy reports to other systems.  We needed this functionality so that we could deploy custom reports we developed to customers.  Clients used it as well.  (Now handled natively in CB.)
  • DS Form Info Utility - This is a development tool we built to allow ourselves and other developers to peek into a running form and see controls, containers, properties, and other information.  It will generate a code snippet to get a reference to a control on a form that is useful when building plugins.
  • Project Management - This is a complete module that provides tracking of projects and phases along with recording time sheets and performing time billing.
  • Inventory Min/Max Editor - A small plugin providing a form where the inventory min and max levels can be edited in bulk.
  • Populate Word Templates - This plugin provides the functionality to populate tags in MS Word templates to merge contact information into contracts, letters, etc. and generate Word Documents quickly and easily.
  • Simple Bin Numbers - This plugin provides simple bin number tracking for items.  (Now handled natively in CB.)
  • Quote to Shopping Cart - The plugin will populate a customer's eCommerce shopping cart with items from a sales quote in CB.
  • Import SO into PO - This is a small plugin allowing you to import the body of a sales order into a purchase order to easily purchase the items.
  • Software Licensing System - This small module provides the ability to store software features and sub-features and generate license codes for distribution.  This is proprietary but the framework could be used for other companies.
  • Buyer Board - This is a plugin that acts like a white board where users can enter products they need purchased.  Later, a purchasing agent can review and edit this list and create POs.
  • Drop Accounting System - This is a complex plugin proving functionality to the steel industry where customers purchase cut pieces.  New item numbers are generated automatically on the fly and are scaled in cost and selling price from the main item.  Drop sheets are generated for the cutting process and a screen is used to allocate what is used to fill the order along with any cut pieces going back into stock and scrap.
  • Trade Show Module - This is a complete module that helps a company plan and execute trade show attendance.  It tracks personnel, schedules, resources, tickets and travel plans, as well as storing and assigning all leads collected at a trade show to sales reps. This is a very full-featured and capable module.
  • Follow-Up Module - This module helped drastically improve the sales at our client.  It allows you to set up contacts in CRM on tracks that act as triggers to automatically generate a chain of activities like emails, faxes, and calls scheduled with your sales reps.  You can also trigger activities on many criteria such as customer type change, opportunity status change, lost customer, missed sale, past due invoice, etc.  Web forms were built to collect leads that fed into the system as well as a case management system with automation of follow-ups.  Templates with data merge are used for emailing and faxing.  Dashboards are used to tell your sales reps what they had to do that day as well as a management dashboard to keep watch over your team and monitor their progress.  There is a dashboard dedicated to tracking lost customers (customers who normally buy but have stopped) as well as invoice and monthly projections.  There is even a dashboard that displays contacts and entities that are missing information, such as team and rep assignment, so no one falls through the cracks.


Please note that most of these plug-ins have been developed for our clients and may be very specific to their requirements.  In many cases, we own the source code to the customizations and we can tailor the solution to fit your exact needs.  We have many other plug-ins which are very proprietary and we will not divulge our client's sensitive information or intellectual property.

If you have a need that isn't met in CB, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss developing a solution for you!


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Over the years, we've built hundreds of reports for our clients ranging from sales analysis to exception reporting and financial analysis.  Almost every business has reporting requirements that aren't met "out of the box" by CB.

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